Nikko Pascua

Trofigraphy "Double Meaning"

A part of a personal project entitled “Trofigraphy,” where trofi means “food,” and graphe means “representing with lines.”

The second phase plays around Filipino slang words related to food that have double meanings.

  “Alat,”  Rock Salt on Wood

“Alat,” Rock Salt on Wood

Nikko Pascua_Food Photographer_IMG_2176.jpg
Nikko Pascua_Food Photographer_IMG_2222.jpg
  “Paminta,”  Peppercorns on Wood

“Paminta,” Peppercorns on Wood

Nikko Pascua_Food Photographer_IMG_0651.jpg
Nikko Pascua_Food Photographer_IMG_0931.jpg
  “Toyo,”  Soy Sauce Jelly on Chopping Board

“Toyo,” Soy Sauce Jelly on Chopping Board

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Nikko Pascua_Food Photographer_IMG_3148.jpg